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I have created this website as a place to publish and store the things I've created for DD. Unless otherwise noted, I am working off of DD 3.5.

Please note! I am working on this page, and not all content is available yet. If you find broken links or obvious stylesheet or HTML issues, please e-mail me. If you are missing content, please don't complain until this notice goes away. Thank you!

What's on this page?

Gambling System

For many years, I have wished for a gambling system
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to drop into DD games. My wish goes back to first ed., in fact. The ideal system would:

Please check out the gambling system area to see what I've come up with!

NPC Feats

How much do you really have to flesh out your NPCs? If it's the tavern wench in a small town the PCs pass through, probably not much. If it's the tavern wench in the small town the PCs pass through who happens to know that the sheriff of the town is on the lookout for someone who looks just like one of the PCs, but the sheriff has asked the tavern wench to keep it on the down low, it would be helpful to have a bit more. If your PCs are very well trained to follow plots, you might not need fully fleshed out NPCs. If your PCs are a bunch of punks who delight in breaking games, wandering away from dull adventure hooks, and cannot be depended upon to go to a town just because you drew it on a map, the more you know about your NPCs and your world, the better. The standard feats are... not NPC oriented. My NPC feats are hardly inspired from above, but I like to use them to flesh out NPCs.

DD Discussions

I noticed that when I posted DD related musings to my regular blog, I'd attract a different group of commenters than when I posted, "I'm drinking a cup of coffee. It's raining." I decided to separate the DD musings.

This section has links to that which is brilliant and not mine, as well as links to places that sell cool stuff. Occasionally, there are even wee reviews of the cool stuff.

God is in the Details

... or so a classmate at Pepperdine University School of Law, from which I graduated in 2002, informed me on multiple occasions.

I am able to have this site due to legal generosity of Wizards of the Coast and the Open Gaming License.

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